A 2008 policy report conducted at the request of AEA and AHFC recommended a comprehensive public awareness campaign, among other things, be undertaken to improve energy efficiency and conservation in Alaska. The Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) has initiated a broad spectrum, collaborative Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE&C) education and outreach campaign with the understanding this is a vital component of ensuring a long term, stable energy supply for Alaskans. In December 2011, a follow-up report titled Recommendations for Alaska Energy Efficiency and Conservation Public Education and Outreach was published that included precise recommendations for launching an effective comprehensive, statewide EE&C public education campaign.

At the center of AEA’s energy efficiency and conservation outreach efforts is the Alaska Energy Efficiency Partnership. This stakeholder group consists of over 50 public, private, and non-profit entities from around Alaska working together toward a shared vision of Alaska someday becoming the most energy efficient state in the nation. You can read the Partnership’s mission statement here. The Partnership meets quarterly in Anchorage with teleconferencing for participants out of town.

The Partnership hosted a website www.akenergyefficiency.org.  Due to budget constraints, the website is not currently maintained, but a majority of the useful tips and resources can be found here